Check Engine Light in Spring City, PA

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The check engine light is one of the trickiest warning signals within your vehicle. It tells you something is wrong, but you need specific equipment to find out what. At Red’s Auto Repair, we get just how frustrating that is, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive engine light diagnostic service that’ll help you understand exactly what’s going on with your vehicle. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the problem and high-quality equipment to fix it. When you leave our shop in Spring City, Pennsylvania, you’ll drive away free from the bothersome warning light.

What You Can Do

Whenever the check engine light comes on, many vehicle owners can feel confused and even powerless. They wonder, “what’s wrong with my car?” and if they should stop driving. Here’s what you need to look out for and what you can do to potentially fix the problem:

Flashing or Steady: When you see the engine light on, notice if it’s steady or flashing. A steady light indicates a minor issue is going on with your vehicle. In the meantime, your car is ok, but we recommend getting repairs at your earliest convenience. If something significant (like an engine misfire) is occurring, the light will flash. You’ll need service immediately to avoid further damage.

Check The Gas Cap: Your first move should be to check the gas cap. A loose gas cap is a common reason why the check engine light can be triggered. Fortunately, it’s also a very easy fix. Tighten or replace the gas cap before your next drive (if you replace it, make sure it fits your vehicle model). Then during your drive, make sure to pay attention to how the light responds. Although it does take a few miles for the system to respond, it should eventually shut off. If it doesn’t, then something else is causing the light.

Find Out What’s Going On

The check engine light lets you know when something is wrong with your vehicle well before something bad happens. If you see this on your car’s dashboard, act quickly and schedule an engine light diagnostic service with Red’s Auto Repair in Spring City, Pennsylvania. We can quickly determine what caused the light to go off, and our ASE Certified technicians can provide the proper repairs and ensure the light is no longer on in your vehicle. You can schedule your engine light diagnostics service by calling our shop at (610) 948-0555, as we’re ready and waiting to help you. If you’re close by, feel free to visit us on 3633 Schuylkill Road and schedule your visit in person instead. We’d be more than happy to meet you.