Brake Repair in Spring City, PA

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Even with the newest innovations in vehicle safety, nothing is more important than the braking system. At Red’s Auto Repair, we know this system is key to your safety and the vehicle’s overall performance. We’ve made sure our shop in Spring City, Pennsylvania, is equipped and prepared to handle any braking problems. Our ASE Certified technicians carry extensive knowledge on auto-braking systems and, with the help of state-of-the-art tools and parts, will be able to properly diagnose and fix whatever may be wrong. See why we’re the area’s go-to brake service specialists!

Are You Experiencing These Issues?

Although braking problems can be frustrating, it’s also one of the easier things to notice when compared to the other systems and parts within your vehicle. Many vehicle owners know to act whenever they hear squeaking, squealing, and grinding from the brakes, but those aren’t the only signs to look out for if you suspect any problems. Here are two other warning signs to pay attention to if you’re having trouble with your car’s braking:

“Soft” Brake Pedal: Have you started to apply more pressure to the brake pedal just to activate the brakes? If so, you’re dealing with a “soft” or “spongy” brake pedal, a common issue within the brake system. This happens when air or moisture is trapped within the brake lines, and professional equipment is required to clear them. Make sure to act quickly, as the pedal will eventually reach the floor and you’ll be unable to activate the brakes at all.

Shaking While Braking: Do you feel your vehicle and the steering wheel shake every time you brake? If you do, this is likely because of an uneven rotor. Over time, it’s normal for a brake rotor to get slight variations due to the constant wear-and-tear it experiences. Because of that, each brake rotor is tuned for the vehicle’s specifications, and a slight change could lead to this issue. It can be dangerous to drive with this, as it does compromise your car’s performance, so we recommend service as soon as you notice it.

Keep Your Car Safe and Secure

If you notice any issues with the brake, even if it’s a minor one, please don’t wait for it to worsen. Take action and schedule a brake repair service with Red’s Auto Repair in Spring City, Pennsylvania. Our ASE Certified technicians will be able to quickly diagnose what’s wrong with your brakes and perform the necessary repairs to ensure its capabilities are restored. From worn brake pads to a warped brake disc, we’ll fix whatever’s wrong and ensure you’re driving away in full control of your safety. Schedule your next brake repair service by calling our shop at (610) 948-0555 or by visiting us on 3633 Schuylkill Road. Feel free to reach out for any questions, comments, or concerns as well! We’d love to chat with you about your brake repair needs.